Hi, I 'm a London based visual artist : graphic designer, printmaker, maker, photographer, painter. I graduated with a Master of Arts Degree in Printmaking at University of the Arts London and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design at University of the Arts London. 

I worked in many forms, from traditional hand-drawn, digital work to 3D. I can work with photoshop, illustrator, indesign. I can capture the client’s brief, based on careful research of the final audience, develop these findings into original concepts and express them across multiple platforms. I am self-motivated and thrive in collaboration with others in the team to create high quality, clear and persuasive visuals.

My personal work is often photo based and experimenting with screen print. Researching transparency in printing with different materials and printing techniques. However I began my career in the arts painting on canvas and walls, I then specialised in Graphic Design. With my interest for space and architecture in particular within abandoned spaces I also document my travels. At a time of apparent growing division in the world I like to focus on our similarities rather then our differences. Looking and creating them within different cities. I experiment with various mediums and techniques in print and painting. From cave art to modern day graffiti, with a touch of graphic design.

Available for projects contact me via email.

 BaSeD in LDN, UK


Instagram : oskar_ms

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