PROMENEUR is a visual essay examining the city and its different environments through the medium of photography. The French term "promeneur" translates into English as "a walker", "a wanderer". The term was used as the titles of this project as its core idea began with walks in various cities accross the globe. By taking walks amongst different cultures and artistic concepts, alternating values within societies were compared and drawn.

Photography is a visual approach that allows one to capture an image that reflects and shares a moment in time. It was chosen as a medium as it was the most apt option to observe and document the projects chosen subjects. Throughout the project both film and digital cameras were utilised, the final images in this publication were all taken on a Nikon D3100 SLR.


When capturing these images, the same angle was chosen to create a fluid movement to the next image shown and adhere to a consistent story line, starting with the entrances to little back alleys within a congested city to shots taken on top of high skyrises. Each image follows the same camera angle.

Within this project, Psychogeography has also been explored. Psychogeography is an approach to geography that emphasises the "playfulness" and "drifting" that occurs within urban environments. The idea of a psychological map, created through exploration and memory.

Such playfulness and drifting has been discovered within multiple cities in this project, from New York to Pompeii, through personal collection of images taken during my wanderings allowing the viewer to become a "promeneur" themselves.

Wandering between London, Paris and Berlin. 


I see the city as a body which lives and breathes through its structure ; its doors, its buildings, its abandoned spaces and its aerial view. Each representing the starting point, the body, the lungs, it's growth and its breath.