Views is a project that began with colour photos. However with time and development I began using more Black and White film. In the end black and white was used for the dense busy cities and colour for the green and calmer enviromnents. Creating an array of different photos, giving different moods.  All photos taken here are analogue. The main idea of this project was grasping different view of the different environments surrounding us. With a focus on France and the UK (Paris, Britannia, London and the Lake District) as well as Barcelona. 5 Different places that have more in common than one may assume. This project reassembles photos taken at slightly different angles, or a completely different city, creating this mixed city of different colours and moods. None of these were done digitally, the photos were developed, printed and then simply scanned individually or assembled together. The idea of home is a difficult question for me and still struggle to call one place my home. Through this project I wanted to give a small idea of what it was for me. 

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